Analytics Engineer - Worldwide

12 days ago


Full Time

£60k - £65k + stock options

We're looking for an Analytics Engineer to join our team to drive our efforts in democratising data at zeroheight. Our HQ is in London and we're happy for candidates to be based anywhere in the UK.

We are a "remote-first" company and there's no requirement for anyone to come into the zeroheight office on a regular basis - more details on what remote-first looks like

About zeroheight 🚀

We’re building the world’s UX infrastructure and lowering the barrier to creating great user experiences by enabling any company in the world to have a sophisticated design system. We’re allowing companies to design and develop user experiences in a much more systematic way and deliver high quality UX 10x faster.

We've built a design system documentation product that people love, and thanks to this we've grown through word-of-mouth to 1600+ customers including multiple Fortune 100s. We're the market leader in our category, doubled our team in 2022 and have the backing of world-class investors like Tribe Capital, Y Combinator and Adobe. But design system documentation is just the beginning... we're now perfectly positioned to become the leader in DesignOps and transform how products are built 🚀

You can learn more on our About us page.

Why should you apply to this role?

  • You’ll get to work with a truly modern data stack, including tools such as dbt, Git, Fivetran, Hex, Hightouch, Redshift (and more!) - as well as the licence to build upon this as you deem necessary.
  • You'll be joining the Data team at an early stage, and will be able to influence how the team grows as the company scales. This will be useful for the future if you're ever growing your own team or org!
  • We value personal and professional development highly - which means a yearly education budget, 10% time to work on projects of your choice, and a focus on management and collaboration to ensure that you can grow into the data professional that you want to be.
  • We're committed to supporting mental wellness as we grow. We provide a free mental health support program, a monthly wellness budget and - perhaps most importantly - we're working to normalise talking about mental health with your manager and peers. We believe mental health should have the same status and importance as physical health.

What will you be doing?

You’ll join our small but mighty data team, reporting into our Head of Data and working alongside a Senior Data Analyst and another Analytics Engineer. As an Analytics Engineer at zeroheight, you’d be focused on building the systems that allow the rest of the business to access clean, reliable and well-documented data in the tools they use in their day-to-day work.

This could include:

  • Continuing to develop and maintain our dbt project - ensuring we can provide a schema of well-documented tables to quickly answer questions from across the business.
  • Ensuring our ETL/ELT processes are running as smoothly as possible, ensuring data quality, consistency and freshness from all data sources.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional product teams and stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into solutions in the form of data products.
  • Using Reverse ETL tools and APIs to ensure that data is readily available in downstream tools (i.e. Hubspot, Planhat) used by our customer-facing teams.

Ultimately, we want to treat our Data Team like a Product Team in its own right. We consider our colleagues as our consumers, and our data product includes the collection and maintenance of data, as well as the tools used to generate, access, and analyse that data.

What are we looking for?

If you tick most of the boxes below, let's talk!

Key Requirements 🔑

  • Multiple years of experience working in the Data space, as an analyst or engineer.
  • Extremely strong SQL skills, and previous experience with dbt is a must.
  • You have a good knowledge of cloud-based data warehouses, and have experience designing and building data models.
  • You have previously worked alongside software engineers - and have a good understanding of software engineering best practices, as well as working in an agile manner.
  • We expect all employees to treat everyone at any point in their zeroheight journey with respect and empathy - no a-holes

Bonus Traits 🎁

  • Experience working for a startup, ideally SaaS technology companies, and are familiar with the core concepts (MRR, funnels, retention, cohorts etc)
  • You are confident working with event-based data and product analytics tools (such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap etc)
  • An interest in all things innovative in the Data space, and a keen interest in working as part of a truly modern team.

Let's make this happen!

  1. Submit your CV 📜
  2. Hello 👋 (45m, video call)
  3. If things click on the call, we'll ask you to complete a short task in your own time (max 90 mins), and schedule another call to get a bit more technical 🤓 (1hr, video call)
  4. Founders interview 🌱 (1h, video call)

We always try to make a decision quickly and let you know ASAP.

That's it!

DEI statement 💖

At zeroheight we live and breathe our values, building an inclusive and diverse team is what makes us great. We are proud of the culture we’ve created and by embracing individuality we continue to add to our culture.

We look to hire the best, give an amazing experience throughout and we don’t discriminate against who or what you are. Our employees are encouraged to be their authentic selves, allowing us to celebrate our differences and learn from one another. All we ask is that you be yourself, love what you do and give 100%.

Take a look at our current DEI stats here.

Still have questions?

Find out more about our team and company perks here 😎

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