Call Center Representative - USA

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Project Overview 

: Maximus is providing enrollment broker support for state Medicaid and Medicare open enrollment window and longer-term enrollment broker support.

Position Title 

: CSR3-CallCenter

Pay Rate 

- $14.50 and $15.00-bilingual (Eng/Span)

Training Schedule/Duration

Training 100% attendance is expected

  • Phase 1 skillset is 3 weeks
  • Phase 2 skillset is 5 days.

Residency - 100% attendance is expected

  • 3 weeks.
  • Must meet the following to graduate to production
    • QA average of 85% or better.
    • Service Request average of 85% or better
    • AHT must be 15:00 minutes or better for the total duration of residency.
    • Must have no more than 1 HIPAA violation in the duration of residency.

Hours Of Operation

  • Normal Business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.
  • Open Enrollment Period 11/1 through 01/15
  • Open Enrolment Hours:
    • December:12/13 12/15: 8am 6:30pm
    • January: 1/11 1/13: 8am 6:30pm and 1/14 1/15: 8am 12pm.

Note: Staff will be scheduled for the above OE extended hours.


: Remote / Work from home / Contiguous United States


: Contiguous United States


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) per provided Work at Home Technical Requirements.

Hire Type 

: Maximus will not be interviewing candidates or reviewing resumes for this project. The Agencies supporting the project are expected to conduct a thorough screening and interview process with each candidate and make hiring decisions. Candidates should be considered suitable based on their work history and supplier interview.

Background Status Requirement 

: MedScan must be clear prior to start

Essential Duties And Responsibilities / Minimum Requirements

CSR's will be handling inbound calls to CSC for the state of Vermont's Medicaid program. Below are some of the examples of calls that are handled by customer service.

  • Medicaid- Enrollments, Terminations, ID Cards.
  • QHP- (Market Place Plans)- Enrollments, Terminations.
  • Medicare- Reporting and Coding

Minimum Requirements

  • High School diploma with 1-3 years of experience.

Job Seeker Entry: 

Please ensure that the candidate's legal name (no maiden names, nick names, preferred names, etc.) is entered and spelled accurately on the tracker and in Fieldglass. The names need to match between the two so the correct person can be located in Maximus' Workday system and assigned the correct MAXID. Having the wrong MAXID assigned has numerous effects on credentialing and setting the worker up for training.

Reminders When Recruiting Contact Center Operations Workers

Internet Connectivity To Maximus

Remote workers supporting contact center operations must have access to the internet via their internet service provider by purchasing or maintain a service that provides a minimum internet speed download requirement of 25 Mbps for a single user, download of 50 Mbps for shared internet connectivity, and 5 Mbps upload speed required; 10 Mbps preferred. Note: there may be some projects that have different requirements based on project needs which are communicated at the time of hire. Mobile hotspots must not be the primary source for internet connection for

remote workers. Connectivity from the PC to the Internet router via a Category 5 or 6 ethernet patch cable is required to ensure optimal call quality and customer experience. Proof of an internet speed test must be provided upon request.


Google Speedtest or can be used to test your speed and take a screenshot of the results.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Maximus restricts smart phone and low performing computer platforms (such as chromebooks) from accessing Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS). Maximus requires Computer Operating System: Windows10 or MacOS Catalina (10.15), MacOS Big Sur (11), MacOS (up to 12.5) or newer. For Client Users, Maximus requires removal of SMode


Maximus requires a 

USB plug

 and play wired headset with a microphone and noise suppression. Bluetooth headsets are NOT allowed.


Reinforce the importance of attendance during training and residency. The expectation is that a supplier will not present a candidate with a prescheduled appointment during the training period. Missed time during the training period may result in termination.