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Note: Partly is headquartered in Christchurch but has employees across NZ, AU, IN, UK and the EU. There is a slight preference for candidates who can be based in Christchurch or Auckland (if you're relocating, Partly will cover those costs). However, we're open to exceptional talent based anywhere across NZ and AU.

πŸš€ Our story

Partly's mission is to connect the world's parts and we're doing that by building the first global platform for replacement parts, starting with auto parts. Our big vision is to accelerate the world towards a sustainable future where waste is eliminated and all replacement parts are universally searchable, accessible and available to all.

Founded by ex-Rocket Lab engineers, we utilise cutting-edge technology to solve challenging but exciting problems that make a huge impact in a $1.9 trillion industry. We've more than tripled our team over the last 12 months and expect to double in size again over the coming 12 months. We're a global team spanning both Europe and Australasia.

We provide a scalable digital infrastructure solution to some of the world's largest businesses and the most exciting startups. Partly's solutions are integrated across hundreds of companies globally, providing the backbone for cataloguing and managing parts online.

Our investors in Blackbird Ventures (Canva, CultureAmp etc.), Square Peg, Octopus Ventures, Hillfarrance, Icehouse, Peter Beck (Rocket Lab), Akshay Kothari (Notion Co-Founder) and Dylan Field (Figma Co-Founder).

We're continuing to build a world-class team and ensuring Partly is a place where people can do the best work of their lives. We're proud of the culture we've built at Partly, and our values are lived throughout every experience.

πŸ–οΈ This role

As an Automotive Parts Data Standards Lead, your role is focused on overseeing and managing catalogue research at Partly. Your responsibilities will involve leading a team of data researchers and analysts to gather, analyse, and interpret data from various catalogue sources.

You will provide insights to support decision-making processes, manage the automotive parts catalogue, conduct market research, and ensure compliance with data governance practices.

πŸ’» What will you do

  • You will manage and guide a team of data researchers who specialise in extremely accurate part and vehicle information. This includes setting objectives, providing direction, and ensuring that the team has the necessary resources and expertise to carry out their work effectively.

  • You will oversee the process of gathering data on automotive parts from various sources. This may include internal databases, OEM catalogues, supplier catalogues, industry reports, online platforms, and other relevant sources. You ensure data accuracy, integrity, and completeness. You also supervise the analysis and interpretation of the collected data to generate insights.

  • You will lead efforts to conduct interpreter market research. This includes understanding how mechanics talk about vehicles locally, what parts are called in given regions, and anything needed to make finding the right parts more intuitive.

  • You will be responsible for managing and maintaining Partly’s catalog. This involves organising the parts data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, and creating standardised categorisation and taxonomy for the parts.

  • You will ensure compliance with data privacy and protection regulations, especially when dealing with sensitive automotive parts data.

  • You will stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the automotive industry. This includes being aware of emerging parts, advancements in manufacturing processes, industry standards, and regulatory changes. You will encourage a culture of continuous learning within the team to ensure they are well informed and equipped with the latest industry knowledge.

Want to learn more about the problems we're solving and the culture we're building at Partly? Hear directly from our team here:

πŸ₯· Your skills

  • Deep experience with aftermarket cataloguing, you will have worked in, or run manufacturer catalogues. This includes a deep understanding of common accuracy challenges, common data sourcing issues, and practical real-world interpretation challenges.

  • Deep experience with OEM catalogues, you will have an exceptional understanding of all major EPCs / OEM structures, including how accuracy maps to IAM catalogues

  • Proficiency in managing databases and working with data management systems is important for organising and maintaining automotive parts data.

  • You should be well-versed in various research methodologies and techniques commonly used in data research. This includes survey design, market research methods, data collection techniques, and basic statistical analysis.

  • As a lead, you should have strong leadership skills to guide and motivate your teameffectively. This includes setting clear objectives, providing direction, delegating tasks, and fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

  • Excellent communication skills are essential for effectively conveying insights and research findings to stakeholders. You should be able to present complex data in a clear and concise manner, both in written reports and oral presentations.

  • You are a skilled problem-solver and critical thinker and you are able to tackle complex research challenges, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven recommendations.

Please note: if you don't have all the skills/experience listed above but believe you could be outstanding in this role, please still consider applying. Many folks, especially those from underrepresented or marginalised groups, often count themselves out. Please allow us to learn more about you and why you're exceptional!

We value transparency in our hiring process and want to give you an idea of what to expect when you apply for roles at Partly. You can go to the following URL to view the end-to-end interview process and who you are most likely to meet with:

πŸͺ… Benefits

  • Competitive base salary plus equity. Even though we’re a small startup, we offer competitive salaries and great equity.

  • Parental leave and flexible return to work. After returning to work, primary carers can work 4-day weeks for 100% of their pay for the first twelve weeks. For secondary carers, we offer 10 days of leave at full pay.

  • Flexible working hours. We are flexible with hours and working from home when you need to.

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