Full Stack Engineer (Customization Expert) in Remote

15 days ago
Mid Level
Full Time
This job posting is for someone in North / Central / South America, ideally in the PST time zone.

We’re looking for a full stack developer to help customize our forum software for our Fortune 500 customers. You will be working closely with external teams of developers and managers, so excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must.

Software engineers at Discourse are generalists. Some days you may be working on a complex JavaScript feature implemented in Ember.js. Other days you may be working on our Ruby on Rails API server.

About you

You work well independently and remotely with minimal amounts of day-to-day micromanagement. You are able to translate a customer’s vision into code, and are skilled at negotiating feature priorties. You can estimate well, and are able to properly communicate the timelines, pros and cons of various solutions to a problem.

You are comfortable working with a single customer for an extended period of time.

We have no central physical office: we are 100% remote, and our people come from all over the world. Chat is not our primary mode of communication. Most of our internal communication is done asynchronously.

You should be passionate about software development and comfortable picking up and exploring new technologies as needed.

Ruby and JavaScript experience are a must; all Discourse applicants have a 40-80 hour paid trial project (over 2-10 weeks) prior to joining the team. The trial project usually involves adding a feature to Discourse or a Discourse plugin.

You should be kind to your co-workers. We believe strongly in a welcoming workplace, where people with diverse backgrounds and cultures meet together to create something amazing.

About our Pay & Benefits

Discourse pays competitive salaries factoring your geographic region. We provide many benefits including a very flexible work schedule, 5 weeks of holiday a year, and more listed here.