Head of Sales in United States

26 days ago
Senior Level
Full Time
Knoetic has a massively ambitious vision to guide every people & HR decision a company will ever make.

We call our product a “knowledge engine.” Half of it is a super powerful analytics/data platform (Knoetic). The other half is a social network of C-level executives (CPOHQ).

It seems crazy until you see the product in action. Here’s just a small sample of innovative companies that use Knoetic: Amobee, Snyk, Figma, Calm, Curology, Ro, and more.

We’re backed by Accel, the founders of public companies, thought leaders like NYT bestselling author Adam Grant, and dozens of leading Chief People Officers.

We’re hiring a Head of Sales to build and lead an all-star team. Reporting to our CEO, you will refine and execute our sales strategy, lead a team of Account Executives in acquiring and developing clients, serve as a point of escalation, and help drive deal strategy.

Knoetic's ideal Head of Sales thrives in a start-up environment and has a proven track record of defining a robust sales strategy to scale revenue from $5M-$50M+. This is an opportunity to build a world-class sales organization and will be a transformational, career-defining choice for you (and for us!) as Knoetic grows.

What you’ll do  
Within your first week, you will:
  • Onboard and learn more about the company’s mission, culture, and values. You’ll write a user manual and a Professional Development Plan outlining exactly how you want to grow professionally over the next 2-3 years 
  • Meet your team members to build rapport and understand current ways of working 
  • Attend training sessions on the Knoetic platform and our upcoming product roadmap, and attend customer and sales calls to learn more about our users. 
  • Understand CPOHQ and Knoetic's GTM strategy and how we’ll grow to our first 1000 customers. and how we’ll grow to our first 1000 customers.

Within your first month, you will: 
  • Define a long-term vision and strategy for your team, consulting with existing team members 
  • Evaluate existing strategies, processes, and tools, and identify improvement opportunities for immediate focus 
  • Implement measurement and reporting processes to manage team performance 
  • (Hopefully!) Close your first Knoetic client working alongside our Product, Engineering, and Customer Success.

At three months, you'll be fully ramped! You will: 
  • Meet and exceed all quarterly and annual sales quotas, and accurately forecast on a weekly and monthly cadence 
  • Demonstrate effective leadership: encourage and develop discipline in process execution, contribute positively to sales interactions including closing your own clients, and foster an environment of collaboration and high-urgency. 
  • Use the forecast to begin identifying, scoping, and hiring for your open roles 
  • Drive continuous process improvements, leveraging your expertise to build and scale a top tier team 
  • Accelerate new product features needed to drive sales opportunities in close collaboration with the Engineering and Product teams 
  • Vigorously capture learnings from the market and engage with current Knoetic clients to stay at the cutting edge of HR tech
Who you are  
  • You have 9+ years of sales/closing experience, a portion of which was spent at a B2B Saas startup 
  • You have 5+ years of experience managing large teams, and have hired for top talent 
  • You have a track record of quota obtainment both individually and as a manager 
  • You are a process machine with expertise in designing and executing sales methodologies and strategies 
  • You are an exceptional writer and communicator, and have clarity and concision of thought 
  • You want to work with the Chief People Officers at the top tech companies around the world

The key attributes we value in teammates: 
  • You like to win. You don’t want a trophy for effort, you want it for first place.
  • You’re high IQ, intellectually curious, and intellectually humble. You’re not afraid to say, “I don’t know - but I’ll figure it out, fast.”
  • You never say, “that’s not my job” - you take full ownership and responsibility over outcomes. You’re a force of nature that gets the job done no matter what it takes.
  • You make everyone else on the team better. Your presence, positivity, and drive inspires others to step up their game. You put the company above your own wants.
  • You’re known for your work ethic. You pride yourself on being one of the hardest-working person most people know.
  • You’re constantly improving. You know there’s no such thing as perfection, and you’re always pushing yourself (and our company) to be better than you were yesterday.
  • You’re just good: You’re honest, principled, smart, open to giving/receiving feedback, and focused on doing right for the company and doing right for the customer

Why Knoetic?
  • You’re incredibly ambitious and want to build the #1 company in this space, without exception.
  • The standard stuff: competitive salary and benefits (including fun perks for lifelong learners, like a $2,500 learning budget!)
  • Knoetic cultural values resonate deeply with you (see below)

Knoetic cultural values
Written by our founder in 2020.

Intellectual curiosity: I want to surround myself with people who are endlessly curious, who are always asking questions, who are fascinated with understanding others and the world around them. We’re the kids who grew up always asking “Why?”

Intellectual humility: I want to work with people who embrace the scientific method, who go into conversations with an open mind and ear, who are looking for ways to sharpen their thinking, who are delighted to find out when they’re wrong rather than invested in defending why they’re right.

Relentless resourcefulness: Our company should be full of people who will run through walls to get to their goals, who will bring more solutions than problems to others, who will figure out a way to succeed no matter what.

Winning: People who thrive here will only settle for our company being #1. They can only live with themselves if we own the top spot. Second place is last place.

Positive impact on others: There are people, who by the very virtue of their presence, make everyone else around them a better person. It could be because they have unwaveringly high standards. Or are incredible givers that inspire generosity. Or are teachers of their peers. However they do it, they push others upwards. They are culture accretive; their very presence makes everyone else step up their game.

Positivity. You know it when you see it - can-do, optimistic. That doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t have down moments - it just means on balance, you walk away from your interactions with them energized and charged up to do more with your life.

Continuous improvement: We’re always making ourselves better. Stasis is the enemy… if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards. Everything is a work-in-progress in perpetuity - yourself included.