Junior Data Analyst in Bogota | Remote

23 days ago
Mid Level
Full Time
Anywhere (100% Remote)
We are a technology company working to transform credit and banking in Latin America starting with point of sale finance. We aim to build fair, simple and affordable financial services that empower our clients, treating them with dignity, and building financial freedom. We launched in February 2019 and have already served thousands of clients and disbursed millions of dollars. 
We operate as a full stack startup. We have built our core systems and processes from scratch, and we believe our technology and analytics platform will drive our progress into the years to come. We come at this with deep experience building and growing technology teams and financial products. As important as what we do is how we do it. We are a conscious company, and are deeply committed to working and living our five core values - A company of owners inspiring colleagues, we pull rabbits out of hats, we care and we trust, act with integrity, win today every day, and scale exponentially 
We are backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Monashees, Village Global, and an outstanding team of individual angels, including Kevin Ryan, Josh Abramowitz, and Scott Weiss.

About the role
Help create and restructure ADDI's decision-making process - make ADDI a data-first company. We want to build a data-driven culture in which every member of our family can contribute in ways to improve our product and day-to-day operations through solid data sources and structured and detailed analysis. Your mission will be highly focused on operations: collections, fraud, and customer support and helping design a way to structure experiments, shorten the improvement feedback loop and start building a strong analytical hub for the rest of the company. You'll be the critical piece connecting what our customer and their actions tell us and how we interpret it from the millions of data points we capture.
We expect you to be hands-on and very execution-oriented. We want you to be proactive in proposing new concepts, ideas, or improvements but also have the drive to execute them as independently as possible. Have no fear as making mistakes is part of the process and we want to learn from our mistakes as well, not everything is going to go as planned.
The candidate will have a critical role in transforming our data culture, turn data into insights, insights into hypotheses, and hypotheses into action, in order to help our product and profitability and overall data structure grow.

Why join us
  • Build dashboards to monitor collections, fraud and customer support performance in Colombia
  • Bring forward data insights that will improve the overall performance of collections
  • Bring forward data insights that will lead to a reduction in the number of tickets and improvement of overall customer satisfaction and NPS levels
  • Consolidate all sources of information in one source of truth and collaborate with the Data Engineering team to guarantee the data is consistent, complete, trustworthy and structured
  • Become a key player supporting the Operations team during the day-to-day activities and being part of the decision-making process.
  • Develop metrics and forecast tools that enable us to estimate the proper sizing of the ops team

  • Non-negotiables
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy
  • Proactive and independent, can solve problems or bring forth possible solutions for discussion by himself
  • Mid-level SQL/PostgreSQL
  • Prioritized capabilities
  • Strong data intepretation skills (ability to correctly extract, analyze meaningful information or data from the various data sources such as charts, tables, graphs, etc)Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Thorough in reviewing own work. We want someone who is critical of their own work and double checks and looks to understand why results don't work as expected before submitting them. Always looking for possible improvements in analysis or mistakes that might have come up. It is critical that the candidate has an impeccable understanding of results and can answer almost all of the questions that arise from his analysis.
  • Ownership and Drive to improve business through data-driven decisions.
  • A deep understanding of the collections domain
  • Excellent communication skills. The role will need you to relate with people that may not have the same analytical background so presenting key findings in a clear and relatable fashion is of extreme importance.

Desirable qualifications
  • Fluent in english
  • Previous fintech company experience
  • Technological programming knowledge