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At Community Phone, we're on a mission to make the phone more powerful and relevant than ever before.

Frustrated by a lack of humanity in the industry, we set out to create a phone company that respects customers. We keep data secure, protect against spam calls, and eliminate hidden fees and complex contracts. Our vision is a future where technology doesn’t replace human connection, it strengthens it.

As a venture-backed, Y-Combinator graduate, we have the drive, resources, and motivation to revolutionize the telecommunications industry. We leveraged our technical expertise to deliver the flexibility of VoIP with the reliability of the cellular network and brought this technology to customers' existing landlines. We launched our revolutionary product two years ago and are quadrupling our customer base year over year.

With remarkable 400% growth in recurring revenue in 2022, we’ve expanded from 17 fully-distributed teammates to more than 70, serving clients like KFC, AT&T, state and local governments, General Motors, and homes across America. We are excited about our growth and eager to welcome team members who’ll help us lead the market with delightful customer experiences and a supportive, collaborative work environment.

Join us in our mission to put the power of the phone back into the hands of the people! Together, let’s build a future where the phone is essential in fostering meaningful connections.

🌟 About the role

Community Phone is looking for a Project Manager who can help us streamline operations, facilitate cross-team coordination, and champion our dedication to precision. This position will play a vital role in bringing order to the chaos as we continue to improve our customers' experience. We’re looking for someone who thrives on efficiently managing tasks, excels at crafting and maintaining documentation, and is prepared to take charge of project tracking and administration.

🚀 You will…

  • Develop and manage a streamlined process for backlog refinement and triage.

  • Collaborate closely with engineering teams to collect specifications and write detailed project requirements.

  • Own our project management tool (ClickUp) tracking and oversee administrative tasks for product and engineering initiatives.

  • Create comprehensive documentation and instructional videos for transparent communication within internal teams.

  • Train other departments to onboard them onto new features and the upcoming roadmap.

  • Gather and prioritize requests from other departments, actively participating in cross-departmental meetings.

🏆 You are…

  • Committed to Completeness: You embody the mantra of "getting it done right" with unwavering dedication.

  • Detail-Obsessed: Creating and refining systems and processes is second nature to you.

  • A Task Management Expert: You have a proven track record in efficiently handling and strategically prioritizing tasks.

  • An Exceptional Communicator: Your ability to collaborate across functions translates seamlessly into actionable tasks.

  • An Execution Strategist: You excel not only in developing systems but also in implementing them using a wide range of project management software, efficiency tools and cutting edge technology.

💙 Community Phone Culture

Community Phone has a customer-obsessed culture. We are looking for team members who love our product and mission and see the remote first environment as a bonus.

Beyond the job description, here are some traits members of our team share:

We value Curiosity and learning in our employees. We promote open-mindedness, embrace mistakes, and encourage challenging questions for personal growth. We create a culture of continuous learning to empower our team to tackle challenges and excel in their roles.

Efficiency in everything. We operate lean, optimizing resources to improve our products and deliver a world-class customer experience. We prioritize value over excess, embodying a scrappy and resourceful spirit to achieve our mission and values.

We prioritize taking decisive action over deliberation, recognizing that building a world-class product requires pushing personal limits and taking risks. We believe that a Bias Toward Action is essential for achieving our goals and delivering exceptional results to our customers.

We strive for Transparency and prioritize open, Direct communication. This helps us resolve issues quickly and build strong relationships with our stakeholders.

We take our work seriously and see it as a reflection of who we are. We're always looking for ways to improve and are open to feedback. We approach our work with a sense of ownership and a desire to deliver the best possible results. By embodying a Founder Mindset, we're able to achieve our goals and create exceptional products.

We value a Caring Mentality. Our customers come first, and we collaborate to provide exceptional service. We prioritize teamwork over personal accolades, fostering a customer-focused culture that drives our success and promotes a supportive work environment.

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Our salary range for this role is from $30,000-$60,000/year

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