Senior Javascript Engineer - Worldwide

26 days ago


Full Time

Our client is a software video production is time-consuming and people-intensive, and the content goes out of date with every new release. The platform automatically generates high-quality videos on every software release using AI, automation, and text-to-speech. The platform makes software videos easy.

We are hiring a Senior JavaScript Engineer to drive the development of our proprietary video rendering technology. The Engine runs in our AI cloud turning documentation into seamless movies that pass the video Turing test.

Reporting to the Director of Engineering, you will assume the principal role of improving and extending this technology as we acquire more customers. You will be in the mix of all company software development, as this core technology is behind the scenes for 100% of our customers. Additionally, candidates will need to understand browsers head-to-toe and will maintain a number of Chrome extensions that support the video rendering engine operations.

You will be working on a platform and core technology that does video generation, so video editing experience and/or a passion for recording and editing video is a huge plus, but not required.

With the state of the art for single-page applications being what it is, a profound understanding of the JavaScript runtime environment is required. Candidates should have a master-level understanding of vanilla JavaScript and be adept at a number of server-side frameworks.

You will work daily with:

  • JavaScript / Node.js
  • PostgreSQL / Redis
  • Docker
  • Browser extensions, Chrome primarily, building towards cross-browser compatibility
  • BASH / Linux command line
  • Video recording/transcoding/delivery in Linux Cloud Environments

Our Recruitment Process

  • 15-minute Initial Call
  • 20-minute take-home skills test
  • 30-minute Call with Recruiter (project, benefits, etc.)
  • Interviews directly with the client (depending on the project the # of interviews may vary, this may include a code assessment)
  • Final Offer


  • 7+ years of JavaScript Development
  • Deep familiarity with Node.js, and knowledge of the good and bad parts of JavaScript
  • Expert understanding of browser runtimes, DOM, and rendering
  • Expertise with common enterprise messaging patterns
  • Extensive experience with test-driven development and retrofitting test suites
  • Productizing prototype systems


  • Work Remote Monday - Friday, 40 hours a week (no weekends)
  • Vacation: 10 business days a year
  • Holidays: 5 National Holidays a year
  • Company Holidays: 5 Company Holidays a year (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Zipdev Day)
  • Parental Leave
  • Health Care Reimbursement
  • Active Lifestyle Reimbursement
  • Quarterly Home Office Reimbursement
  • Payroll Deduction Purchase Plans
  • Longevity Bonus
  • Continuous Learning Bonus
  • Access to Training and Professional Development Platforms
  • Did we mention it's REMOTE?!!

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