Sr Software Engineer - Integrations in United States

13 days ago
Senior Level
Full Time
SchooLinks is an ed-tech company that is changing how students explore and pursue their post-high school goals. We have a suite of over 80 tools for students and school staff including college application management, course planning, financial situations, personality assessments, college profiles, and many others.

We are a remote-friendly, globally distributed, remote-friendly, and venture-backed startup.

SchooLinks is looking for a highly motivated Integration Engineer to support our Partner Success and Sales team in onboarding and maintaining our customers' data within the SchooLinks Platform. People who have done well in this role have come from very technical backgrounds and enjoy customer or client-facing interactions.

What you'll do:

  • Maintain and expand a Python-ETL framework to consume this data and load it into our database (write production quality python code)
  • Iterate and innovate upon our existing processes and code base to handle data at scale
  • Support our partner success team in data-related onboarding tasks and on-going support of existing customers
  • Deeply understand the context and data generating process of our inputs
  • Develop reporting tools for districts to use on the data inside our platform


  • 5+ years of Python experience (specifically with Pandas)
  • 5+ years experience modeling and writing queries for relational databases (SQL)
  • Experience working with US K-12 Education data
  • Experience being in a client-facing engineering role
  • Experience with modern software development and project management tools such as Git and JIRA
  • Experience writing production-quality code


  • Experience with Django
  • Knowledge with data interoperability standards such as OneRoster, Ed-Fi, and others
  • Experience working at an early stage startup


  • What is your tech stack and other tools you use daily?
    • FE: React (16.14 with JS), React-query, some redux, but moving away from it and making more use of hooks and component state, GraphQL, Webpack. MUI, Nivo, Final Form
    • BE: Django, DRF, Celery, MySQL, Redis
    • AWS
    • Sentry
    • Jenkins
    • Github, Jira, Slack, Notion, Loom
  • Tell us about your dev practices
    • Pragmatic is the best way to describe. We use eslint and prettier to keep code clean. We have some tests for code that we know is going to be around for a while or many modules depend on, but we're not strictly TDD. We tend to ship MVPs quickly and then go back and refactor and/or rebuild when we have more learnings and better ideas about how to abstract products. The name of the game for us is speed to market. We ship major releases every two weeks
  • Tell us about your general working style
    • Asynchronous - we tend to try to get as much communication into structured formats as possible -- PRs, documentation, comments, Jira tickets vs. scheduling meetings. We do try to have the majority of our meetings around our standup to make sure that our teammates have as much focused deep work time as possible
    • Remote- we have a small number of engineers on-site, but many distributed as well as much of our leadership distributed, so you can be a full-fledged member of our team and not be in the office in Austin (this was from before the pandemic and will be the case after the pandemic)
    • Driven- our team members really believe in what we're doing and we work hard because we're personally invested in the outcome and take ownership over the work we do


  • Competitive Salary
  • Part of a remote-friendly company and a fully remote team/pod
  • Flexible working hours and healthy asynchronous working practices
  • Long term employment with considerations for promotion and raises every 6 months
  • For US-based candidates:
  • Full health (healthcare, vision, dental, ClassPass, etc.)
  • Company 401k Program with up to 1% matching
  • Career Development and Progression